Get Bold And Change Your Life!

Join me and some amazing women for an evening full of visioning, glue sticks, laughter and snacks!

Dreamingbold is a Vision board workshop that empowers you to go after what you want in your life. This is an opportunity to meet  new people and let your creativity shine! You just have to be open to getting real with your goals, seeing what images speak to you and having some fun while you’re at it!

Won’t you join us?

A Few Things To Know About Vision Boards


A vision board is a collage of images and words that serves as a physical representation of the goals you want to achieve and/or things you want to attract into your life. It helps keep your goals top of mind and reminds you of what you are working towards.


Any theory about attracting what you want in your life will stress the importance of visioning – putting positive energy and images out into the world of what you want to see reflected back to you in your life. Ask anyone from successful athletes, high-powered CEOs to millioniares and they’ll tell you that visioning is a key part of their routine, whether it’s imagining themselves making the perfect play or visualizing their meeting with investors going exactly how they want it to.

A vision board is a great component of the visioning process as it allows you to physically look at representations of your goals and the things you want in your life, making your dreams feel more tangible than if they are just floating around in your head.


  • A discussion around the importance of visioning and how to make a vision board
  • Your very own vision board to take home and hang up wherever you’d like
  • Great conversation with other go-getter women and men (and maybe some new friends)
  • Support for your life visions 
  • Snacks!