The SHEIS Movement began with an intimate Mother’s Day brunch in May of 2018 to honor women for their hard work, commitment, and dedication that they give to their families and communities daily.

The founding lady of the SHEIS Movement is Lady Suretta Thomas, and it commemorates the life of Lady Suretta’s own mother, Olivia Dirtion, whose life exemplified what an honorable, God fearing, loving mother should look like. Lady Suretta shares, “Although, she is no longer with me, I celebrate my mother by honoring other women.” 

SHEIS calls women to acknowledge the God that is within her. This movement is about empowering women, as well as giving them a space to actually walk it out! SHEIS celebrates sisterhood, fellowship, and standing on the promises of God. SHEIS unmovable. SHEIS an overcomer. SHEIS still standing. SHEIS winning!