Olivia Dirtion

 1950 – 1990

Olivia Dirtion was actively involved with her home church serving on the Nurses Board, Vice President of the Youth for Christ, Editor of the church newspaper, a Sunday school teacher,  and a member of the Sick Committee and Kitchen Assistance. Olivia gave her life to Christ, and was a committed mother to her six children. She left an indelible mark on the lives she touched. Olivia Dirtion will be remembered as a light that always shined wherever she went.

In honor of Olivia Dirtion each year a woman will be acknowledged and presented with this Award. The award is about women supporting women and their achievements. Women can nominate any woman within their families or communities starting the second week of April 2021 by submitting the candidates name and the reason for why they have chosen them in a short paragraph. The winner will receive a $200 gift certificate of choice. 

To be considered for the Olivia Award nominator must write an in-depth paragraph about what the recipient has done specifically to better society as a whole and exhibit the following qualities: 

  • Commitment to service, and involvement in the community.
  • Woman of virtue, dignity, and good report
  • Nominees email to be informed of their nomination